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Pack Mee Pai

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Wushu or Kung Fu is the name for all traditional Chinese martial arts, but is mostly used to point out external styles. The style that is being practiced within the Wújí institute is called Pack Mee Pai, named after the Taoistic monk "Pack Mee", who was the founder of this form. Practicing Wushu increases the physical condition and improves the reactive power. It also strengthens the muscles and makes them more flexible.

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Pack Mee Pai, de White eyebrow style

The name Pack Mee Pai (sometimes written as Bak Mee Bai) comes from the founder of this style, the Taoistic monk Pack Mee, who was known for his white eyebrows. A legend tells that Pack Mee in the 17th century together with three other monks and a nun escaped from a massive slaughtering at the Shaolin monastery. Later, in a monastery in the Emei Shan mountains in the Sichuan province, he improved the style he learned in the Shaolin monastery and named it after himself. Pack Mee passed his style only to one monk, who also had one student. Because of this way of transmission, Pack Mee Pai has always been an unknown style.

The Pack Mee Pack Pai as is been taught within Wújí, comes from Lie Sai Keung. This grandmaster learned the style from Chong Li Tsang. Chong Li Tsang, the one who introduced the style to South China. Lie Sai Keung moved in 1968 from Hong Kong to Suriname, where he taught until he passed away in 1974. Kong Mien Ho was his eldest student in Suriname and was permitted by Lie Sai Keung to teach this style.

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As an external Wushu-style Pack Mee Pai has a number of typical characteristics. The most important is that also the cultivation of internal power gets a lot of attention. This internal power expresses itself as an explosive force in the execution of the techniques, that has the effect of an electrical shock on the opponent. To develop this skill patience and committed training are required. During the training the typical basic stance and basic kicks of Pack Mee Pai receive therefore a lot of attention.

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Another characteristic of Pack Mee Pai is that defense and attack are mostly combined, and come together at the same time. This requires precision and a high reaction speed. To train this there is a lot of attention to walking the different forms and practicing the techniques together during the lesson.