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Wújí is an institute for Taiji Quan, Wushu (better known as Kung Fu) and Qi Gong and is being lead by Kong mien Ho. The objective of the Wújí institute is to pass on Taiji Quan, Wushu and Qi Gong on a qualitative, traditional manner. This happens by means of ongoing lessons, workshops and lectures. Both recreational practitioners, as people who want to practice these arts for health reasons, and people who want to bring their practice at a professional level, are welcome at Wújí.

Within Wújí one can follow lessons in Taiji Quan, Wushu/Kung Fu and Qi gong.

Taiji Quan

According to a clear structure one learns the forms which gradually get a higher difficulty level. One starts with the modern standardized forms: the Simplified 24-Yang form, the 40-Yang competition form, the simplified 32-Yang sword form, the 42 combined competition form and the combined 42 competition sword form. Hereafter the traditional yang form, the Chen competition form and the traditional Chen form follow. Arrived at this level also a beginning with pushing Pushing Hands is made.

Wushu / Kung Fu

Kong mien Ho is a specialist in the Pack Mee Pai style. This is a traditional dynamic, South Chinese style, which is very effective for fighting and very favorable for the general condition.

Qi Gong

Separate Qi Gong courses which are aimed at health are organized. People with specific health complaints learn Qi Gong forms here which promotes the condition and can cause considerable improvement or even cure their complaints. Also healthy people who want to promote their energetic condition or want to practice Qi Gong for spiritual aims are welcome here.

All lessons contain components of Qi Gong. This goes both for exercises which promotes general health, as exercises which increase the skill, the so-called "Kung Fu", in the execution of Taiji Quan or Pack Mee Pai. The lessons end almost always with a meditative Qi Gong exercise. Within the framework of the Pack Mee Pai lessons, also Iron Palm trainings are being organized.

Pushing Hands/Tui Shou

Pushing hands is an exercise for two persons with the purpose to feel the strength and movement of the opponent. It is the "trick" as one "attacks" to give and turn away and as a result neutralizing the force of the other and get him off balance. On the other hand to push away the other by fixing him in his withdrawing movement. Developing the subtle feeling which is necessary to practice pushing hands with success demands long-term exercise.

Teacher Education

For he who knows the modern Taiji Quan forms, there is an opportunity, if abilities are proven, to be educated as a teacher. The suitability is judged by Kong Mien Ho based on physical capacity, technical skills and a correct mental institution for the qualification as teacher.

Training exists from independent instructing to groups at several levels, under supervision of Kong mien Ho. This is supported with private lessons for the assistant group, to increase the technical skill and the insight in the teaching material.

The lessons are given by master Kong Mien Ho.